General Activities to maintain and develop the Association

  1. Social networks
  2. Database

Activities to Promote social & economic development

Lectures, to invite Japanese expert & diplomats, conduct lectures on various topics (see listed below ) in order to spread information about history of Japanese development.
Environment protection, Quality standards, Support to SME (Small – Medium sized Enterprise) in Japan, Political system

Activities to cooperate with JICA or other Japanese ODA

Participation in regional Alumni Association events

Cooperation with other Alumni Association in neighboring countries, such as: Turkey, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Tajikistan.

Activities to further promote relations between Azerbaijan and Japan / Activities to strengthen the network among ex-participants

Competition for “Mini Grant Projects” for JICA Alumni of Azerbaijan

The main goal of “Mini Grant Projects” program is to support Alumni’s initiative to promote social or economic development in Azerbaijan. The contents of application must correspond to topics covered during respective JICA training program. It is also expected that the projects shall contribute to developing cooperation between Japan and Azerbaijan. The main focus areas are as below:

1) Improvement of economic infrastructure (especially in the field of energy and transport);

2) Improving the social sector (health and medical care services, education, water resources

    management and environmental protection / prevention of natural disasters etc.);

3) Urban and regional development;

4) Agriculture and regional development etc.;

5) Development of public sector and SMEs.

The following types of “Mini Grant Projects” can be implemented:

1) Organization of workshop/conference;

2) Research/Study;

3) Publication, development of teaching material/manuals;

4) Procurement of equipment;

5) Other.


Since 1995 JICA has been inviting Azerbaijan officials to its various training programs in Japan under the Technical Cooperation Scheme of the Government of Japan. So far, the number of participants from Azerbaijan accepted under JICA programs had exceeded 600.