JICA Alumni Association meeting of Azerbaijan in 2019


On March 29, 2019, JICA Uzbekistan Office team headed by Chief Representative Mr.Muneo Takasaka jointly with Embassy of Japan conducted JICA Alumni meeting in Baku. The meeting was a great opportunity to create a network between the ex-participants of JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Programs conducted in Japan, as well as presentation the results of JICA “Mini Grant Projects” successfully implemented in Azerbaijan in 2018 by selected alumni.

The main purpose of this meeting was to strengthen the cooperation, partnership and information exchange between JICA ex-participants and Embassy of Japan.

In total 30 ex-participants from different target agencies and line ministries of Azerbaijan Republic, took part at the meeting on June 26, 2018. Among participants were officials from Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Health, Amelioration and Agency for SME Business Development, Water Farm OJSC, State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources, Azersu OJSC.

In his opening welcome address, Mr.Muneo Takasaka, Chief Representative of JICA Uzbekistan Office, explained the background and objectives of the meeting. He stressed that since 1993 JICA has been implementing KCCP Programs for various officers and professionals of Azerbaijan as a part of the Official Development Assistance of the Government of Japan based on bilateral agreement between both Governments. As of today JICA received more than 500 training participants from Azerbaijan. The Knowledge Co-Creation Programs tries to meet various needs of Government of Azerbaijan by covering a wide range of professional fields, ranging from education, health, infrastructure, energy, trade and finance, to agriculture and rural development, cutting edge science and technology and environmental protection.
Mr.Katori Teyuruki, Ambassador of Japan in Azerbaijan, stated that he is pleased to see ex-participants from various organizations, strengthen the importance of creation of network between the JICA ex-participants and Embassy of Japan. He hopes that networking is valuable and useful for future works and promote partnership and friendship among graduates and would contribute to the advancement of bilateral ties between Azerbaijan and Japan.

Ms. Nigar Ismaylova, moderator of the meeting, gave the floor to selected ex-participants to introduce the results of four JICA “Mini Grant Projects” successfully implemented in Azerbaijan during 2018 and share their experience on participation at JICA training program and implementation of skills and knowledge in their current working activities.

Mr.Farhod Kubrbonov, Program Officer, JICA Uzbekistan Office had made comprehensive presentations on JICA “Mini Grant Projects” successfully implemented in Uzbekistan during last two years.

After the presentations workshop participants had fruitful discussions about opportunities of JICA KCCP Training Programs and JICA “Mini Grant Projects”. The main outcomes of this meeting included information gained, experience shared and network built among the participants.

Mr.Muneo Takasaka speech


Group Photo