Workshop on JICA KCCP Program in Azerbaijan

On July 4, 2016, JICA Uzbekistan Office team headed by Chief Representative Mr.Fushimi Katsutoshi conducted Workshop on JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Training Program in Baku. The seminar was a great opportunity to introduce and clarify to the process and requirements of JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Training Program conducted in Japan.

The main purpose of this workshop was to strengthen the cooperation, partnership and information exchange between line ministries in order to improve the quality of potential candidates from Azerbaijan for KCCP Training Program conducted in Japan.

In total 23 participants, key personnel from line ministries of Azerbaijan Republic, responsible for coordinating and selecting the nominees for JICA Training Programs took part at the workshop on July 4, 2016. Among participants were officials from Human Recourses departments and International Relations Departments of Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Emergency Situation, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of Communication and High Technologies, Azerenerji OJSC, Amelioration and Water Farm OJSC.

Mr.Fushimi Katsutoshi, Chief Representative of JICA Uzbekistan Office in his welcome address explained the background and objectives of the workshop. He stressed that Japan`s Technical cooperation aims to nurture the human resources who will lead economic and social development in the country by transferring Japan’s technologies and expertise. Also he emphasized that leaders of key departments of Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Azerbaijan participated at JICA training programs and call to further benefit from JICA KCCP Training Programs in future.

Ms.Nigar Ismaylova, Program Coordinator for Azerbaijan made brief presentation on past and current JICA activities in Azerbaijan since 1993. She indicated the achievements of past projects and challenges of the on-going JICA projects.

Mr.Farhod Kurbonov, Program Officer, JICA Uzbekistan Office had made comprehensive presentations on JICA training scheme, its purpose, annual cycle, implementation with covering issues related procedures of selecting the candidates, visa requirements, reporting on training and presentation of min grant projects.

After the presentations workshop participants had fruitful discussions about opportunities of JICA KCCP Training Programs. The main outcomes of this workshop included confidence gained, experience shared and network built amongst the participants.

Presentation by Ms.Nigar Ismaylova, JICA Program Coordinator in Azerbaijan

During the workshop
Presentation about JICA KCCP Training Program made by Mr.Farhod Kurbonov, Program Officer, JICA Uzbekistan Office

Group photo of KCCP Workshop participants with JICA Uzbekistan Office team