Agrarian Sciences Department of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences together with Institute of Erosion and Irrigation of ANAS and Soil Science Society of Azerbaijan organized the first International Conference on “The role of environmental assessment of agricultural land in development of regions and in protection of ecological balance”. This conference was held and funded in framework of program of “Mini Grant Projects from JICA Alumni Association budget for 2015”.

Mr.HUSEYNOV Faik, Chief Engineer of Institute of Irrigation and Erosion, (ex-participant of JICA KCCP on Agriculture Mechanization, December, 2011 – March, 2012) applied for captioned program and became a winner with project proposal of organizing international conference. He project was found as one the best projects and was selected to be financed by JICA Alumni Association budget for 2015.

About 50 scientists and ecologists from 17 scientific research institutes attended the Conference on December 15, 2015. This conference enjoyed the support of JICA, Agrarian Sciences Department of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Erosion and Irrigation of ANAS and Soil Science Society of Azerbaijan.

Keynote speakers included:

  • MAMMADOV Garib, Full member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), academic-secretary of Department of Agrarian Sciences of ANAS, president of Soil Scientist Society of Azerbaijan. Topic: Development of Agriculture policy in Azerbaijan;
  • AKBAROV Zeynal, Corresponding member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS), Director of Institute of Genetic Resources. Topic: The year of Agriculture in Azerbaijan;
  • GULIYEV Alovsat, Acting Director, Institute of Soil Science and Agro chemistry of ANAS. Topic: Reactions between soil water and solution of problems in this area;
  • ALIYEV Zakir, Deputy Director, Institute of Erosion and Irrigation. Topic: The prospects for the development of the industry of Land reclamation in Azerbaijan and integration into the world of science;
  • BABAYEV Vugar, Director Department of innovation of ANAS. Topic: Justification of ecological agriculture in Azerbaijan;
  • ISMAYLOVA Nigar, JICA Program Coordinator in Azerbaijan. Topic: JICA activities in Azerbaijan;
  • KURBONOV Farhod, Program Officer, JICA Uzbekistan Office. Topic: JICA mini grant projects JICA Training activities.

The Conference included opening ceremony, and three panel sessions. The first thematic session was devoted to Genetic, Breeding and Agriculture issues.  Young researches Ms. RUSTAMOVA and Ms. MAMMADOVA presented their papers and discussed topics of genetic diversity of wheat, mixed infestation of poultry farms.

The second session concerned Soil Science and Agriculture Chemistry. The diagnostics and trends of different soil degradation processes, impact of soil degradation on soil multifunctionality, ecological rehabilitation of degraded soils, different ways of land management including irrigation were the main questions presented.

The third thematic sessions were devoted to Ecology and Closing session. It dealt with different ways of soil reclamation. Ecological assessment of pastures of Shirvan zones of Azerbaijan were the objects of the presentations.

In three panel sessions scientists and researches exchanged the views and new innovation activities in agrarian sphere, namely, soil and agro chemistry, erosion and irrigation. It was great opportunity to meet and interact with researches with a shared visions and common goals on problems of soil and water in relation to agriculture.

Conference organizing committee invited also scientists and researchers from CIS countries to submit abstracts for the conference. Totally 75 abstracts were submitted to the Conference, including 9 abstracts in “Genetic, Breeding, Agriculture section, 46 abstracts in “Soil Science and Agriculture Chemistry” section and 20 abstracts for “Ecology” section. Abstracts were submitted from scientists and researchers from Azerbaijan as well from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Conference guests

Mr. MIKAYILOV Jahid from State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources, ex-participant of JICA KCCP on Photovoltaic Power Generation Technologies (2014) was also invited to the conference. He also applied for JICA “Mini Grant Projects” with project of increasing public awareness on the usage of solar (photovoltaic) energy and energy-saving. The project considers publishing informative materials which will be distributed in schools.


Conference organize committee invited major local TV channels to make report on Conference. 

The event was covered in Lider TV, AZTV, Ictimai TV. Elm.TV, Space TV, CBC TV channels and websites.

Photos of conference


Participants of conference


Speech by Mr. MAMMADOV
 President of Soil Scientist Society of Azerbaijan


Speech by Ms. ISMAYLOVA

Coffee  break


Mr.HUSEYNOV with JICA representatives

Speech By Mr. KURBONOV


Presentations by young scientists

Organizers of conference