Name of applicant

Mr.MAMMADOV Elchin  

Position and workplace

Chief advisor, Department on Innovative Development of

the Information Society and E-Governance Ministry of

Transport, Communication and High Technologies

Project title

“Providing equipment for a training lab on Internet of Things to

train technicians on how to work with Internet of Things


Project goal and background

The project entails procurement of IoT equipment and set up an

IoT training space to provide trainings on IoT. The planned

equipment will be used for trainings of employees of state-owned

organizations, mainly different transport and communication

companies under the MTCHT, but not limited. The training center

is open for all government organizations and they can attend

trainings on free of charge basis..

Project result

By the implementation of this project the mentioned group of

people from different state owned companies and interested

specialists or students will get required knowledge on how to

work with embedded IoT devices and how to program this

devices through vocational training.