Japanese experience on improving of Water Supply System in Republic of Azerbaijan

Before leaving Baku for Osaka the things I had in my mind were difficulties that I focused on to encounter during my trip. However things worked much better than I had expected and Japanese language barrier was resolved by courtesy, respect and humanity of People living in land of rising sun. I discovered that I was actually able to enjoy Japanese cuisine and kind of different outsourced Japanized-Chinese food. Figuring out that they don’t use the technology they produced that much in their daily life was very surprising thing and also saw the harmony between traditional nature and modernization. The high-speed train was awesome and there is no way that I will like trains in Europe after experiencing this. However about the cost and prices, these were not much different from Northern Europe countries beside this if you want to have pineapple in an island country that might cost a lot.

One of my impressions in Japan was the way of protecting their selves from sun rays. Probably, that’s why all passages along the street built up with arcades throughout the country and when they go out they use umbrellas, gloves and hats.

I had met JR, and the train that goes Kyoto from Osaka during rush hours, I saw the most massive lining while waiting for the train, people split into two as chromosomes-equal and precise, that we have learned from biology class. That was the moment I regret very much did not record a video. I do not know of other things but when it comes to lining up, rest of the world may learn that from Japanese!

Kyoto-Heart of Japan

Place where I call real Japan with its temples, plenty of places for people from different generations and living old traditions. This place was the city where I saw young people giving their seats to elders even though there was no priority. I rarely saw couples holding hands which I thing resembles old Japanese culture and experienced narrow streets with full of cables.

Nara-Home of Deer

Nara city once had been the capital of old Japan and lasts about half an hour from Kyoto by train. As soon as I got off the train the deer in Nara greeted me. Until that time I had no idea about the Nara city, Deer in Nara and as well as the meaning of deer in Japanese culture and mythology. I got a chance to feed them with biscuits. In this city deers are friends and local citizens. They also seem like enjoying being close with mankind. Another must-see place was Todaiji Temple which is world’s largest bronze Buddha statue within that.


It was a bit sad part of my journey to Japan. Hiroshima is the place where the atomic bomb was dropped and there still standing Atomic Bomb Dome. The story of a child who got cancer and made 1,000 dragon origami to get rid of disease was another sorrowful stuff for me. Children’s Peace Monument and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park have been living with its inner peace and shows visiting tourist the importance of criminal war history. Not a good place to enjoy but got many things to observe, learn and implement for our future generations and for the peace of entire world.


Particular parts of this training program were theoretical and practical parts. Beside this, working style of Japanese people and punctuality were so impressive. Overall, the training was scheduled well and topics designed were directly related to our demands and needs of current working environment in my country. Rapid sand filtrations, slow sand filtrations, pump assembly-disassembly workshops, flow meter manufacturing company visit were my favorite and useful subjects. It was a great chance to be in Japan and I am sure all the knowledge I acquired will definitely be useful for my future career.

Finally I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Azersu OJSC, Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Azerbaijan, JICA HQ and JICA Baku Correspondence Office for providing me with such a chance to participate in this training and make many international friends.


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September 5, 2020