Rescue techniques: experience to be used in the Republic of Azerbaijan

Name: Mr. Azad Aliyev

Program’s name: Rescue techniques

Program’s period: August 06 – October 14, 2017

By the invitation of the Japan International Cooperation Agency during the period of August 06, 2017 to October 14, 2017, I have been trained in the city of Kansai, Japan. Representatives from Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Egypt, Myanmar, Venesuela, Kenya, Laos, and Mali attended at the training program. All lectures and practical lessons were conducted in Japanese with translation into English. During the training course participants were provided with detailed information on the aims, objectives and activities of the Rescue Techniques in Japan.

During the first week of the course JICA training coordinators and representatives familiarized the participants with the conditions of stay in Japan: accommodation, meals, health care, financial expenses, program of seminars and study-training tours during the course, as well as JICA Kansai Training Centre. At the end of the week, each participating country presenters made “Country report” presentations, and Azerbaijan representative also successfully made a presentation about the country.

During the course, well-known specialists of rescue and fire-safety team commanders in Japan gave lectures and practical knowledge on the following rescue techniques subjects:

  • Rescue system and the current status of the operation;
  • International Rescue team of Japanese Fire Service;
  • Earthquake Disaster Countermeasures;
  • Emergency System and Implementation Status;
  • Basic Principles of Safety Control;
  • Climbing, Crossing, Descending and Related Techniques;
  • Entry Techniques;
  • Techniques for Using Fire-Fighting Equipment;
  • Search Techniques;
  • Rescue Techniques;
  • Accidents in the Mountains;
  • Water Rescue Training;
  • First Aid;
  • Methods for Rescue Commands;
  • Techniques for Handling Rope and others.

All the lectures were very important and interesting for me. But especially rope rescue techniques, vehicle extrication, mountain rescue methods and Japan style of first aid medical treatments were very interesting training-lessons for me. The knowledge gained from these trainings is an important contribution to the further development of search and rescue techniques in each country. I believe that we will apply successfully in our country what we have learned from this course. Besides that, I learned more about Japanese National System, legislations and functions of the government. Now I understand better the functions of Search and rescue sector, programs and projects are implemented by government and its organizations.

At the end of the course all participants individually, including representatives of Azerbaijan presented the Action Plan presentation, which reflected the experience gained in Japan and their possible application in the future. All participants were awarded the JICA certificate of completion of training course.

The serious reforms conducted by Government of Azerbaijan in the field of Search and Rescue, contributed to the comprehensive development of this sector in our country. We are sure that all the knowledge and experience that we gained during the training in Japan will be very useful for in my future career, as well contribute to the development of fire-safety and especially rescue sector in Azerbaijan. I have made new friends from Japan and other countries. I spent my best time and live interesting moments during visit of Japan and shared just some of them. My visit to Japan was not only a chance to improve the knowledge and experience about rescue techniques in Japan, but also it was great opportunity for me to know more about history, traditions and customs of Japan. Additionally I want to emphasize that during the period of this training course I have also learned Hiragana and Katakana alphabet.


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September 14, 2020