Learning Japanese experience in Urban Public Transport[Training]

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(Mr.Vugar Mammadzada is on the left)

Participant’s name: Mr.Vugar Mammadzada

Program’s name: Urban Public Transport

Program’s period: October 11 – November 15, 2017

Location: JICA Tokyo International Center

Training course on “Urban Public Transport” organized by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) was held on October 11 – November 15, 2017 in Tokyo, Japan, in the framework of the Knowledge Co-Creation Program in JICA Tokyo International Center. This training course involved 13 participants from different countries and each one of them did represent his/her country in the best way ever.

The Program provided a strategic overview of urban public transport policy, institution and practice in light of urban growth and development in Japan, and an opportunity to discuss particular issues. The training program has been delivered as topical lectures, site visits, workshops and study tour with several opportunities for participants to have discussions among themselves and with instructor and Japanese experts.

The theme of our course, has been explored, discussed and deeply analyzed through various methods and processes of learning: like lectures delivered by professors, Japanese experts and individual presentations by the participants, group workshops and plenary sessions, observation visits. Also, I would like to highlight the study tour which allowed us to gain more information and explanations from officials and experts in public transport.

Before coming to Japan, we, overseas participants, had never heard about the TIC until it became really our home for more than a month. Each time, after our observation visits, we realized how comfortable and wonderful it was to be back in our familiar rooms. On this occasion I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the devoted, committed and restless staff of TIC. This would not be possible without a totally devoted, committed and restless staff. It is said that “first impressions are lasting “; for this reason, we would like on this occasion to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to JICA’s officials and staff members for their warm welcome, punctuality, hospitality and continuous caring.

JICA TIC was our first sweet home in Japan, and our first guide who introduced us successfully to Japan as a whole, through useful orientation sessions and corresponding lectures about Japanese culture, society, economy, politics and so on.

During my stay in Japan, I have never had any difficulty because the coordinators and the JICA staff were friendly with all the participants. They always helped us and were interested in our health. During our trips (Nagoya, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Yokohama), the coordinators were very kindly and all times they were very friendly with us.

At the end, I would like to express great thank for organization of this training program, to Baku Transport Agency, Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Azerbaijan JICA.


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September 14, 2020