Japanese experience in the field of Grid-connected Renewable Energy Systems (Mainly on Photovoltaic)

Participant’s name: Mr. Jahid Mikayilov

Program’s name: Renewable Energy in Grid -Mainly on Photovoltaic

Program’s period: July 2, 2017 to August 11, 2017

Training course on “Renewable Energy in Grid -Mainly on Photovoltaic-(A)” organized by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) was held on 02 July – 11 August, 2017 in Kitakyushu, Japan, in the JICA Kyushu International Center. I represented State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources of Azerbaijan Republic in this training course. Besides, participants from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Brazil, Yemen, Egypt and Myanmar also took part in this event.

This program is designed to provide participants with information concerning the technologies, and policies to adequately introduce, promote, maintain and manage photovoltaic generation for the effective use of solar energy, especially local grid system and local or national grid-connected system for power source diversity.

During the visit, lectures such as “Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Technology”, “Basics of PV Power Generation”, “Outline of PV Generation Technology”, “Policies for Spreading PV Power Generation”, “Conditions to Promote Photovoltaic Systems and their Policies”, “Economic and Financial Analysis for Photovoltaic Policy and Project”, “Basics of Grid and Grid interconnection”, “Inspection and Maintenance of Lead Battery”, “Calculation of Storage Battery Capacity”, “Calculation of solar radiation & power quantities”, “PV System Maintenance”, “Outlines of Japanese Grid- Interconnection Code”, “Design of PV Power Generation System”, “Issues of solar PV systems”, “Micro grid systems introduction”, “Economical Evaluation of PV System” and other presentations were made and discussions were held.

In addition, during the training course Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association, Yoshinogari and Hibiki Mega Solar Plants, Kitakyushu Wind Power Plant, several recycle plants and Eco-town in Kitakyushu were visited, as well as researches and tests in separate laboratories were introduced to the training participants.

I delivered two presentations to participants throughout the course; the first one was dedicated to the steps taken by Azerbaijan in the field of renewable energy and the second one was about how to utilize the skills and knowledge gained from Japanese experience on renewables, especially on photovoltaic technology.

At the end of training course, participants were awarded certificates by the Japan International Cooperation Agency and the Kitakyushu International Techno-cooperative Association.


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September 7, 2020